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Household Sewage Treatment Systems (HSTS)

  • Septic approvals/siting for new lots
  • Septic approvals/siting for replacement systems
  • Septic inspections for real estate transfers
  • Septic installation inspections

HSTS are residential sewage systems for any home that is not serviced by a public sanitary sewer.  Residents must connect to a sanitary sewer if one is to become available.  Otherwise, residents must have a HSTS that is properly functioning and not creating a nuisance. Anyone working on an septic must be registered.  The Environmental Division of The Carroll County General Health District is responsible for site evaluations for household sewage treatment systems and site evaluations for private water systems.  We provide permits, approvals and inspections of:

  • Sewage systems
  • Sewage installers and installations
  • Septage haulers/cleaners
  • Septage and refuse haulers
  • Residential sewage for real estate sales
  • Major & minor residential subdivisions
  • New lots

New Building

If you are planning on building new in Carroll County, here is that packet to help get started (packet coming soon)

Building or excavating the site is forbidden until an RS from our office has conducted a site evaluation and a septic permit is obtained.  One HSTS per parcel/dwelling.

Replacement System

Should it be decided that you existing system is no longer functioning properly or is in need of replacing please contact our office to schedule a site evaluation with one of our sanitarians.  A septic permit can be obtained and a new system installed.  Should you have questions about your system, the functionality of it, etc.  Please contact us.